Sunday, December 2, 2018

Tari Tari Theme Win 7 by Andrea_37

Tari Tari Theme Win 7 by Andrea_37. Hello everyone, welcome back to EnjiRiz-PC Blog. Today I want to share new anime theme created by Andrea_37 for windows 7 users. Name is theme is Tari Tari Theme Windows 7 by Andrea_37. Ok, now let's see the description of theme.


Name: Tari Tari Theme Win 7 by Andrea_37
Anime: Tari Tari
Character: Multi Characters
Type File: .exe
OS: Windows 7
Test: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
Result: Working
Blog: BlackReaperMikuThemes
Facebook: FB/Blackreapermikuthemes
Uploaded: Admin-desu
Author: Andrea_37


Sorry, some screenshoots of this theme was deleted by admin.

Tari Tari Theme Win 7 by Andrea_37


Link via: Google Drive | Medifire
Tutorial: Read details
Password: Please read license installer or Read details here...


1. Read tutorial if you first time using anime theme.
2. Using latest version of Winrar for extract the file.
3. Report if the link is broken or crash.

Windows 7 Theme Tari Tari may contain image of the following site like Google, Pixiv, Zerochan, Pinterest, DeviantArt, e-shuushuu, Official Page, etc. All copyright belongs to companies, organizations, Ilustrator, Artist, individuals, and the like. If you have any question, please read first EnjiRiz-PC FAQ before leave your comment.

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